Slides for the Flex & Java meeting

October 6, 2009

Many thanks to Corrado and Corneliu for the engaging presentations on Flex and Java. The slides are availabe on as usual:

Corneliu’s samples can be downloaded from his website.

Here you are the links we discussed in the meeting:

The next meeting will take place on the 24th of November. Stay tuned!


Slides for the LINQ/ORM meeting

July 17, 2009

The meeting on LINQ and Java ORMs has been very successful, with about 20 participants listening to Giovanni Lagorio’s talk on LINQ and discussing similarities and differences with Java ORMs.

Giovanni Lagorio speakingJUG Meeting @ NIS

The slides are availabe on as usual:

Here you are the links we discussed in the meeting:

The next meeting will take place on the 22th of September, and will cover Flex and Java integration. Stay tuned!

Slides from the meeting on Alfresco and Jazoon

April 25, 2009

Here you are the slides from Giampiero’s presentation on the architecture and features of the latest Alfresco release.

The meeting also included a presentation by Christian Frei about the upcoming Jazoon 2009 conference.

Thanks to all who attended, including a few members from other JUG Milano.

Slides from the meeting on NetBeans 6.5 and JavaFX

December 4, 2008

The recent NetBeans Demo Camp special meeting was definitely a success! We had an higher than usual attendance, with several new faces. Again, we thank NIS for hosting the meeting…

Giampaolo Melis on JavaFX
Giampaolo Melis on JavaFX
Fabrizio Giudici on NetBeans 6.5
Fabrizio Giudici on NetBeans 6.5

Everyone enjoyed Fabrizio’s presentation on the latest NetBeans 6.5 features (hibernate support, JavaScript debugging, incremental compilation, and more), and Giampaolo presentation and demo on the integration of Java FX and Java. Giampaolo presented several hybrid applications where a JavaFX GUI enriches a Java application logic.

The topics for the next meeting, which will take place on the 20th January 2008 will be announced shortly… stay tuned!

Slide dell’ ultimo meeting su GWT

July 18, 2008

Ecco le slide della presentazione di Giovanni Lagorio su Google Web Toolkit che ha riscosso molto interesse all’ ultimo meeting (movimentato tra l’altro dalla presenza di ospiti internazionali :-)).

Per approfondire la conoscenza di GWT può essere molto utile la “Reference Card” di, una specie di “Bignami” che sintetizza i principali concetti e costrutti di una tecnologia in un formato molto pratico da consultare:

Sul sito di, previa registrazione free, è possibile scaricare anche reference cards su Ajax, Flex, Rails, jQuery, GlassFish, Spring, Silverlight, Idea, Design Patterns, EJB3, Eclipse… e nuove card sono aggiunte ogni mese.

Il prossimo meeting si terrà martedi’ 16 settembre 2008. Location e argomenti verranno confermati a breve sul sito e sulla mailing list.

Slide dell’ ultimo meeting su Maven2

May 21, 2008

Le slide del meeting di Maggio su Maven2 sono disponibili su slideshare:

JSF vs Struts presentations

January 24, 2008

After some technical difficulties, we can post the presentations given at the last meeting:

  • Struts 2 given by Giampiero Granatella (QuickTime format)
  • JSF given by Corrado Leoncini (PDF format)