JUG Genova and Jazoon ’08

December 14, 2007

JUG Genova is a sponsoring JUG for the Jazoon’08 conference which will take place in Zurich, 23-26 June 2008.

Genova JUG members can receive a special 25% discount voucher for the conference by sending their name and contact details to juggenova AT gmail.com.

You can download presentations from last year’s Jazoon (including the one by JUG member Emmanuele Sordini and Fabrizio Giudici) from http://jazoon.com/jazoon07/en/conference/ts.html

If you are interested, the deadline for submitting talks for Jazoon’08 is still open:

  • 2007-12-31
    Submission for Jazoon Labs
  • 2007-12-31 Submission for Technical talks, both long and short talks