-4 days: looking forward to the Application Server Day 2009

The first Java Aplication Server day is coming to Genoa this Thursday (May 21st, 2009).

The four speakers – Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine (Sun GlassFish), Paolo Ramasso (Oracle Fusion Middleware), Alessio Soldano (RedHat JBoss) and Alef Arendsen (Spring dm Server) – are warming up the presentations and the demos, ready to make this one of the most interesting, thought-provoking, fun event to be at this year. Four Java application servers discussed and debated in one big room with the community: yes, it’s real!!!

Talking about the community, if you’re in Genoa or can visit Genoa for at least one day (Genoa can easily be reached by train from northern and central Italy, as well as from other places through its international airport), please register on-line. Participation is free, but your registration can help us organize a few things in advance. Invite your friends, invite your colleagues. Help make this a great community event.

The Application Server Day will be held at the Faculty of Engineering, in the Albaro district of Genoa. A map and directions on how to reach the venue are published here.

So see you all on Thursday at 14:00!


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