NetBeans Demo Camp @ JUG Genova – 25/11/2008

In collaboration with Sun, the Genova Java User Groups organizes a special event to celebrate NetBeans IDE’s tenth birthday.

The NetBeans Demo Camp will take place

  • WHEN: tuesday 25/11/2008, from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm
  • WHERE: location in central Genova (to be announced here in a short time)
  • WHAT: a interactive presentation (with lots of live demos) of the NetBeans 6.5 latest features and of a range of related tools and technologies, including

Participation is free to all; however, as we are expecting a larger audience this time, we do require everyone to register as soon as possible (also to help us identify a suitable venue) on

To receive updates on the event visit

One Response to NetBeans Demo Camp @ JUG Genova – 25/11/2008

  1. […] from the meeting on NetBeans 6.5 and JavaFX The recent NetBeans Demo Camp special meeting was definitely a success! We had an higher than usual attendance, with several new […]

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